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Unique yarn qualities and creative knitwear designs
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About Karen Noe Design

Karen Noe Design is super nature yarn without synthetic material, known for unique yarn quality where nature and beauty are the most important ingredients.

Karen says:

My firm started from a very small scale and by mere chance. An old heirloom, my grandmother's Lervad loom, started off my textile world. I accepted it gladly, but I did not know much about weaving and therefore had to learn before I was ready for what I wanted.

I am a graphic designer and illustrator – that has been my life for many years. But when the loom moved in, a totally new era began where I could combine graphic and textile design. I started designing woven clothes and selling it in kits with recipes and yarn.
That was the beginning. Later on I found out that knitting is a large area and advantageous to include, both because weaving and knitting can be combined, but also because knitting is for everybody, while a weave is only for those few with time and patience for this complicated and challenging hobby.

With all this, a hobby once more became reality. Here, I was able to be in my element more than before with colours, forms, lines and patterns – and convert it into models and patterns for woven or hand-knitted blouses, jackets and accessories for women first of all who appreciate yarn without synthetic materials, but prefer nature's own materials.

I often choose the composition of yarn fibres and the colour of the yarn in cooperation with the spinning mill and dye works, while spinning and twining are solely the tasks of the spinning mill. This is an area that requires expert knowledge.

I choose my suppliers of yarn in countries which naturally have the raw material for precisely the yarn I want or which have specialised in manufacture and dying of yarn from natural fibres.
The classic nature yarn inspires me to make knitting designs that can be used year after year.

Our yarns and knitting designs are sold in Denmark, and abroad, both in yarn shops and online in our webshop.

Karen Noe